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Dr. Asa Radio

Dr. Asa Andrew and his media team are here for you each day with his common sense brand of health, wellness, nutrition, and fitness information dedicated to transforming your life. Each day you can call Dr. Asa Andrew and discuss the tough health challenges that you might be facing. Whether it's losing weight, feeling better, increasing energy, or just going to the next level, Dr. Asa Andrew and his consistent bed side manner will guide you through your journey of building the kind of healthy body you have been striving for.

Be sure to press play on the radio player above to hear your favorite episode of Dr. Asa On Call. You can stream the show LIVE each day here or you can get our official Dr. Asa APP. We also have launched the Dr. Asa Network. The Dr. Asa Network is an all-health streaming digital network with original health programming and shows. Dr. Asa Andrew has a mission to impact as many people as possible with his transforming message of lifestyle medicine. We look forward to connecting with you soon.